Friday, 29 April 2011

busy holidays

Been very busy week, children are still on holiday till Tuesday next week and have been so full of energy been untrue.  Their cousins have been up on holiday this past week so been making the most of holidays together,  been on lots of lovely walks, scooter rides, trips to play park, and to the duck pond collecting tadpoles in the hope of seeing them transform into frogs.  We are very fortunate to live in a wonderful part of Wales with so much amazing country side right on our doorstep.  Today we have been on 3 mile walk up a local mountain and was so pleased that all the little ones enjoyed the freedom and fun the glorious weather has enabled us to do today. 

I thought i would share a recent project today, one that I had such great fun doing and even enjoyed sewing parts of it too.  It is a wonderful bag pattern by Samanta Maragno, I saw lots of people sharing there photos on Ravelry and knew I had to make one so by their guidance i also used a great step by step from  I hope you like the pictures

Sunday, 24 April 2011

more about me

hi, very short first post so thought would add more about me today. I grew up on the south coast of England and went to an agricultural collage in Dorchester where i met my husband, i went onto train as a veterinary nurse. A year after i got married we moved to north wales, where we felt led by God to go,  we feel so happy and settled here and went on to have our family missy moo was born in 2004 and little man in 2007.  I became a stay at home mum after my little girl was born, and feel so blessed to be at home with them, it is by no means easy and we have had to cut our cloth accordingly to enable me to do the best job in the world.  about 18 months ago i taught myself to crochet and its now a passion of mine,  its through this i came across so many wonderful blogs and have had so much inspiration from them, I joined ravelry and love the whole giving and sharing side to a craft i love so much, any way hopefully i can share in future different projects and day to day life, i am aiming to post couple times a week and see how it goes, hope you enjoyed reading about me and come back to hear more soon Rach x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

well here goes!

I have been wondering for ages now whether i should start a blog or not, and today I have finally plucked up the courage to start, not sure if anyone would be interested in reading but what the heck.  Its my little secret at the minute and feels bit scary but hay ho i know how much i love reading other peoples so there my first ever post! be back soon to tell more about myself
love rach